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Zeppelinstraße 1, Heidelberg, 69121
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Welcome to the International Language Café of AEGEE-Heidelberg!

We are hosting the Café every other Friday at 7pm at the ZEP, Zeppelinstraße 1, Heidelberg.

During the event, you can break into different groups to practice the language of your choice. You can participate in any available language, whether you’re a native speaker, actively learning or just curious.

Tea and water will be provided and there is a possibility to get a variety of drinks for €1.50. You are welcome to bring some snacks if you’d like!

We look forward to seeing you there!

This event is organized by AEGEE-Heidelberg and is open to everybody.

To get further information about us, visit:

If you have a Meetup-Account, you can register here for the events.


Im Hintergrund ein Holztisch. Darauf eine Kaffeetasse, ein Laptop, ein Notizbuch, ein Stift, das Logo von AEGEE Heidelberg und der SChriftzug: AEGEE-Heidelberg, Language-Café, Hikes and more

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